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The Center for Wildlife Information Campaign is currently being reformatted and designed.  We have suspended our 501(c)(3) IRS classification until our new program is established. This website still contains great information and we encourage you to browse at your leisure. Watch for our new and improved web page. Thank you for your support.


Dear Visitors,

Welcome to the Center for Wildlife information website. This website was developed to help visitors enjoy all wildlife safely and responsibly. The information provided has come with the help of students in grades K-12, college students, and wildlife biologists.

The objective of this website is to reduce human, wildlife conflicts especially with bears, alligators, and cougars. You can make a difference in reducing human/wildlife encounters by becoming informed about the latest safety techniques.

You can make a difference by helping to teach others about Wildlife Stewardship  and the latest safety techniques. We have a special area called Publications with guides and publications to download. Please use and share the information you find on these web sites with others. By teaching a new enthusiast how to enjoy wildlife safely and responsibly, you help create a wildlife legacy for future generations. Thank you for helping to keep wildlife wild.


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Chuck Bartlebaugh is now with the Be Bear Aware Campaign
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