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(Senate - November 17, 1995)

Mr. BAUCUS. Mr. President, we all recognize general Norman Schwarzkopf as a great military leader. But what most Americans probably do not know is that he is also deeply devoted to the cause of conserving one of our most precious resources, our wildlife. In cooperation with a number of my constituents in Montana, General Schwarzkopf have been involved in a remarkable effort to increase public understanding and appreciation of the wildlife that help make Montana and America so special. As General Schwarzkopf has said:

In traveling and living throughout all parts of our world, I have learned that we possess in this country of ours and in neighboring Canada one of the most marvelous arrays of wildlife and wildlands found anywhere.

Yet, as any Montanan can tell you, each year people are killed or injured and wildlife is lost unnecessarily because of conflicts that should have been avoided. So General Schwarzkopf and Chuck Bartlebaugh of Missoula, MT have decided to do something about it. The Center for Wildlife Information has been established in Missoula. By creating a series of public service announcements, seminars, conferences, and other public education activities, they are working successfully to increase public respect and understanding of our wildlife resources.

A project recently announced by the Center is particularly exciting. With the support of Plum Creek Timber Co., the Center for Wildlife Information and Columbia Falls Junior High, located close to the western gateway of Glacier National Park, are working to develop a bear-awareness and wildlife stewardship education program. Under the direction of Columbia Falls Junior High's principal Neal Wedum, students and teachers will write and design educational materials and teaching units on black bear and grizzly bear identification, techniques for safe hiking and camping in bear country, and techniques for viewing and photographing wildlife safely and responsibly. Students will also develop an educational unit about partnerships between corporations, communities, and wildlife management agencies in Montana's Seeley-Swan Grizzly Bear Corridor.

In closing, Mr. President, I commend everyone involved in this remarkable effort: Chuck Bartlebaugh, Kris Backes of Plum Creek, and Principal Wedum, to name just a few. Congratulations and good work.

Personal Note:

To Chuck - With appreciation for your work!  Max Baucus, U.S. Senator

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