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Be Bear Aware (tm)
Be Bear Aware
Dancing Bear Video

Courtesy of USGS Northern Divide Bear Project



Dear Visitors,

Welcome to the Be Bear Aware home page. North America is home to three different species of bears, some say actually four. In this site you will learn what makes each species uniquely different. You will learn how bear habitat varies across North America.
This web site places special emphasis on keeping bears wild. You will learn the latest safety techniques for avoiding encounters with bears. This site includes special information on food storage, campsite set-up, viewing and photographing. You will learn precautions to use when hiking in bear country.
My family and I have had the pleasure of enjoying bears in the wild. Let's work together to keep bears wild so future generations can enjoy them as well.

Be Bear Aware and Wildlife Stewardship Campaign

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Chuck Bartlebaugh is now with the Be Bear Aware Campaign
and can be reached at 406-239-2315

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